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A Writer’s City

What’s the opposite of writer’s block?

By Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Published 3 years ago 1 min read
A Writer’s City
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They talk about

writer's block

as if there is a





that obstructs the flow

of ideas, of writing, of words.


I don’t quite have a wall,

as much as

a bustling city of unrelated strangers

entering and exiting buildings

at their leisure.


Poetry Challenge of the Day

Scales. Whether it’s about fish scales, music scales, or the old-timey scales used for measuring weight, it’s up to you how to interpret this challenge in your words.


Lucy (The Egg Girl) honestly has no problem with writer’s block, which is probably pompous to admit. Instead, she’s the kind of person who starts 900 different articles but has the most difficulty in finishing them, because every time she tackles a new draft, it generates more, and more, and more ideas! Anyone else eggsperience this?

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    Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Written by Lucy Dan (she/her/她)

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