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A Work in Protest

by Koli Marie 10 months ago in social commentary
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“The personal is political.” - Jacqui Dillon

A Work in Protest
Photo by Daria Sheveleva on Unsplash

To be a woman

Practicing radical

Self love

Is a political statement

An act of civil disobedience

A protest

In a society that tells us

To hate

Everything about ourselves,

Our hair

Our bodies with clothes on

Our bodies without

Our faces with makeup

Our faces without

Without clothes

Without makeup

Without surgery.

We are fed this idea

Of perfection

From the moment we’re born.

Is it any wonder

So many of us

Look in the mirror


And hate the person

Staring back at us?

Is it any wonder

So many of us

Buy into this culture

Of diets

Of eating disorders

Of self mutilation?

Is it any wonder

So many of us

Are willing to do

That which makes us uncomfortable

Just to be loved?

We’re told

Over and over

If you dress that provocatively

If you dress that modestly

If you don’t wear makeup

If you wear too much makeup

If you curse

If you don’t

If you make yourself small

If you’re overly confident

If you’re too sexual

If you’re a prude

If you change everything about yourself

If you exist simply as you are

He won’t love you

He won’t want you

You’ll be alone.

To simply exist

To simply love ourselves

As we are

No more

No less

Is an act

Of civil disobedience.

And I?

I’m a work in protest.

social commentary

About the author

Koli Marie

29 Year-Old Enby living in NJ who loves to write, looking to make a career out of it.

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