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A Viking Tale

by Story Girl CA- Caroline about a month ago in fact or fiction · updated about a month ago
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This is what happens when I watch too many Viking Shows on Netflix!

A Viking Tale

Ancient sailors once explored vast uncharted foreign shores.

They conquered and plundered with undignified gore.

Riches they sought only to discover wealth, deceit, and treachery lay at their door.

* * * * * *

There was a new Faith that soon became the focus of their control.

Who was right? Who was wrong? The Christians or Odin of Old?

It wasn't long before their name was spoken in whispers behind closed doors.

Their Gods were said to have great almighty power.

The Truth of this they believed forever more.

Legends say there is a heaven for them; heathens they were,

yes, even them.

A place called Valhalla where someday, if nothing went astray,

they would wine and dine in the great hall of the Gods each day.

Life was hard,

their home a wintry place.

They traveled by sea,

sailors, and craftsmen they were.

Their names forever etched in history and Valhalla for sure.

The most famous of them all, Ragnar Lothbrok, was his name.

A 9th-century Viking King, he fought his way to the great hall of fame.

Raids on Francia and Anglo-Saxon lands were his destiny,

and although his firstborn son, Bjorn Ironsides, traveled farther away

he loved his father beyond his death even when Ragnar was called away.

As time went on,

and generations passed,

these famous warriors became legends at last.

Today I watch with fascinated eyes,

their strength is beyond that of the ordinary man,

and haunting is their battle cry.

If Valhalla exists,

they are there; some may understand why but if not I don't care.

One thing is for sure, they walked this Earth, and to Valhalla, they go.

I, for one, will continue watching the show!

The video is a little long, but you'll get the idea. :)

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Story Girl CA- Caroline

Writing is my source of peace. I write short stories: memoirs, fiction, and on matters of the soul.

Writing could have been a career for me but I let it slip away. It’s never too late to start again. I hope you enjoy what you read here.

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  • Rick Henryabout a month ago

    Interesting history. Thank you for sharing.

  • Babs Iversonabout a month ago

    Fantastic 💕😊💖💕

  • Colleen Millsteedabout a month ago

    Oh I share your love of Vikings shows on a Netflix and your poem has summed up the best of it all Caroline.

  • I love Ragnar , and loved the series too, great words

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Great poem. Well done.

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