A Tribute to a Life

by Jason Giecek 5 months ago in love poems


I’d smoked contentedly a smoldering cigarette,

The last thing I fondly remember,

It was precisely thirty years later.

Glorious morning naturally comes,

Morning sunshine,

Drink eagerly your delicious coffee,


No sugar,


Gently take your modern life,

My dear friend,

Into your own hands,

Dance freely

Among the savvy dreamers,

Diss the haters,

Time to love life.

Hey clever man,

I heard you got some things,

To work out,

To finalize,

Your conscious mind

Is a state of eternal bliss,

Without the bliss.

Once upon a modern time,

You dressed so fine,

People use to call you,

You use to laugh,


You’re on the ledge,

Looking down.

How does it feel,

To be all alone,

A complete unknown,

Left on the street,

Like a piece of shit?

They say,

With true grace,

Turn that frown,

Upside down,


It only gets better,

Or so they say,


No clear direction home,

Lost your way,

Destination unknown.

love poems
Jason Giecek
Jason Giecek
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