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A Taste of Your Own Medicine

The Best Revenge

By Pinned2 PaperPublished 5 years ago 1 min read
'doing what's best for me'

How would you like your Karma served?

now, later or in the future...

hello Mister Wrong, I am Miss Right

The Queen you've had your eyes set on

The Queen that made your heart skip a beat

The Queen you stood straight up for

I am she, not sure if you're for me, but

You brought relief, intelligence & security

I couldn't deny laughter after a great night of dinner

Long walks throughout the city

You made me glide on air

Smiles from here to there

Never once imagined a day that I wouldn't care

Not caring about your existence

Not caring about your heart beating

Not caring about keeping you happy

Betrayal came too soon

Flipping my world upside down

The bed of lies where exposed

You couldn't stand the heat

All I had was gasoline

Trying to decode the truth from your lies

Pain, Anger, water dripping from my eyes

Story after Story

I had to pull the Band-Aid off

Just to dissect the scar

Refusing to be worn or torn down

Hustle hard was my aim

Working non stop, dreams of being on top

Realizing Family didn't include you

I was blind, I definitely didn't need you

Understanding that you were temporary

Couldn't grant all your wishes, I'm no fairy

You begged, kicked & scream

It was like raising another child plus a fiend

A year has passed & I'm better off

Reached the top, solo dolo

No tears nor lonely nights, so you know

No regrets but I bet you have plenty

Receiving no calls, no texts from me

I'm simply a memory

Mister Wrong...

pill or liquid form?

I'm serving a great dose of Karma & I hope you enjoy

A Taste Of Your Own Medicine

-Honestly Honesty


About the Creator

Pinned2 Paper

A woman whose experience ups and downs but remained humbled through it all & now I can share experiences & help uplift others

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