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A Strong Black Woman

by Kiesha Haughton 11 months ago in inspirational

Ode to my grandmother

A Strong Black Woman
Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Keep your head up high, don't ever stop reaching, reaching for the sky.

Keep moving, smiling, and living. I have fond memories, memories of your unselfish giving.

You have greatly inspired my life with your unparalled strength and pride. Your life lessons and experiences have always been my guide.

Your strength is what preserved you over the many years, your fortitude is what helped soothe all your wearied tears.

Yes, life has thrown many foul balls your way. Yet your inner soul, your inner soul you never let it sway.

You I admire and always always will. For you are my beloved grandmother, a grandmother very active still.


Kiesha Haughton

Hi, my name is Kiesha Haughton, owner of a natural and organic hair and skincare company called Bantu Village. I also run a nonprofit organization called Abeja International Development, Inc., but in my downtime I love to write. Enjoy!

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