A Sonnet for My Love

by Cobe Wilson about a month ago in love poems

Love Poem (Why not?)

A Sonnet for My Love

When I see the radiant glow

That befalls your soft toned face

When to me you willfully show

Your glorious grace.

You are all I desire

With your bright white innocent heart and soul

My love for you burns like eternal fire

You alone can make me once more whole.

Your soft sweet complexion that my eye’s gaze is to forever bound

The bright red luster of your lips full of life

And your flowing blissful voice with a ringing melodic sound

For I will hold all this forever in my dreams which in you are my wife.

My love for you now echoes throughout all of space and time

And your beauty still so lovely as a day of soft springtime

And my heart burst forth out of my chest with everlasting love

Your radiance is like a ray of glory from above.

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Cobe Wilson

I am a graduate of the College of Coastal Georgia (Brunswick, GA). I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from this school. I am currently attending Walden University Online for a Masters of Science in Psychology. Gamer, writer, poet.

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