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A Slice of Heaven

by Beth (Halo) Hanson about a year ago in love poems
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There's nothing sweeter and more satisfying than you

A slice of heaven

Is laying on the couch with you,

all afternoon.

The bong on the table by the window,

with all the weed we need.

I nuzzle my face into your neck which smells of nothing.

But a thought,

how can I get closer?

Let me taste you.

How can I make this slice last forever?

I touch your body through your tie die hoodie—

Strong, lean, yet soft and warm.

I nap in your lap while you play with my hair.

I want to just eat the whole cake—

Slice by slice

Let me have it all, bite by bite.

Pure relaxation,

a cat that is found a warm lap to sleep in,

and all the treats,

scooby snacks and acid tabs.

I would never leave,

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m not a cat,

And neither are you,

And we both have real-life shit to do.

You’ve got to work, and I have places I’m expected to be.

I want to be grateful for those few hours, for the one day,

But I miss you already.

My coffee tastes like coming back to reality,

‘You can’t just cuddle and sleep and take bong tokes all day.’

‘Why not?’ I ask this angrily.

Because it seems unfair.

That life can be so hard for so long,

We find something that brings us peace.

But God will not let it last.

I am queen on a throne on the couch with you,

With everything I could need to satisfy and soothe.

Yet, God knows we need to give more,

Create more,

Help more.

Then one day, I pray,

I find you again—

The person who makes me feel safe and warm.

This morning, even more aware, of being alone.

Tell me when you get back home.

love poems

About the author

Beth (Halo) Hanson

Visonary painter, Realist writer

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