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A simple thank you

by Beau Green 3 months ago in social commentary
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That isn’t really simple

I sat in the library today

For a few hours

On the top floor

By those really big windows

That show almost the entirety of campus

And I teared up just a little bit

Which is strange

Becuase I’m not one to cry

I hope no one saw

But they probably didn’t

Because my hair is always in the way

Even though its short

It always manages to find its place in my eyes

And probably because I tend to keep my head down

I don’t think I’m the type of person people pay attention to

I don’t think I'm quite significant enough for eyes to be on me

I’m quite plain really

But I think I secretly like that

I secretly like that no eyes are on me

Its a bit more simple that way


You paid attention

To me


I want to thank you for that

Because it made me feel all soft inside

It made me realize that you thought of me

You saw something and sent it to me

And it made you think

Of me

It made me feel things I haven’t felt in a while

Which was quite nice


Thank you.

social commentary

About the author

Beau Green

Take a look into my conscious.

A college kid trying out writing.

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