A Shut In

by Antony King 12 months ago in sad poetry

An eccentric man's thoughts looking out his window.

A Shut In

Coffee starts my morning

I hear faint sounds of children…

I light a cigarette and the smoke rises

I peer out of my window,

behind curtains and my disguise.

The streets are full of people,

They are busy with the day…

They have no clue where they are going

They are Just bodies on display.

Rushing through the moment

Keeping up with what comes next…

If they only knew what they were doing

They might stop… and take a breath.

Who are these people, and…?

Where the hell do they come from?

It seems that they are strangers…

For I know not anyone.

But I sit here in the window

Behind a curtain worn, and stained

Perhaps I am the one … they do not know,

The one peering through this window pane.

Antony King 2018

sad poetry
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Antony King

Antony King, a published poet from Eastern Kentucky. His work can be found in SpillWords, Rye Whiskey Review, and piker press to name a few. His books are available at B&N.com and Amazon.com


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