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A savagely but accidentally cracked beautiful cobalt blue glass mug

How to dispose of this potentially deadly item? I have no idea.

By SynecdochePublished 29 days ago 1 min read

and you thought I was kidding

A few months ago I scored this beauty

At a thrift shop

And was excited, as a pure aesthete, to imbibe a cup of tea from its magical blueness.

‘Twas a cold February morning, and we do know, or at least I thought I knew that glass CONTRACTS when it’s cold

Hint hint nudge nudge wink wink

But it was a wee hour and I wasn’t paying attention

In went the tea strainer, filled with my favorite, dried hibiscus with honey

In went the FRESHLY BOILED water

And I turned to apply blueberry jam to my Ezekiel toast, when I heard the strangest sound behind me

A sort of squeaking crack and I turned just in time to watch it fracture, and come apart exactly

As pictured


It’s too beautiful to toss away but it’s also too deadly.I can’t just throw something like that away carelessly, it could kill or seriously injure someone.

Should I call












(Wrong answers only)

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I’m an artist... retired professional singer and stage actor, a writer, a bead artist, a sculptor, collage-er, I make accessories, am an activist and organizer, amateur chef (key word here is, “amateur,”) and Auntie extraordinaire.

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  • angela hepworth29 days ago

    What a title!! Haha loved this!

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