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A Roaring Man

by Adesh Acharya 7 months ago in inspirational
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I was out hunting. Something strange happened

The Roaring Man: Adesh Acharya

Was a kill I after,

prowled stealthily towards it.

But during my advance

I noticed:

Hyenas, vultures

all kinds of filthy scavengers

and meager predators

the same kill after!

Pumped up though I was

for the first time I noticed

Volition in me.

The choices were clear:

Either loiter towards the kill

Or completely ignore it.

I analyzed the circumstances:

If I continue towards the prey

I will have to fight with those mongrels...

and the best that will happen: I'll own one body

The worst: hunger!

On the other hand,

If I ignore the prey

I will have to fight with my desires...

The worst thing that'll happen: I’ll learn a lesson

But the best that can happen...???

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