A Quick Peek of a Love Lesson

by Gina Zwenger 12 days ago in love poems

By Gina Zwenger

A Quick Peek of a Love Lesson

There we were,

Dozing off into oblivion,

Intertwining with our dancing energies.

Spiraling and dancing all around each other,

Galavanting into the vastness of the galaxy.

I was meant to come back to my home town for you, to experience you,

At least one of the many reasons ~

The pit stop that is soon to be coming to an end, was for you.

Laying next to your beautiful Carmel complexion,

Igniting our hearts and souls into one,

I’m healing.

You heal me, even more so when I’m channeling the Divine, on my own.

We are meant to be ONE. We are one ;)

I’ve touched your soul before,

Caressing each complexity of every sacred door that is captivated by your light,

I’ve explored..

I want to continue to open new doors, and get lost exploring into your depths,

My depths..

I want you, indefinitely.

You’re an immense beam of light, that has traveled through space and time to reach mine.

You’ve traveled light years to reach my soul, once more.

Here we are<3

Your eyes consume me.

Burning with a fire that sends a shockwave through heart, and entire being.

Intrigued by you,

Getting lost in you,

Let’s explore this life together,

With all new beginnings,

Every end,

With our love, that radiates throughout the entire universe.

We have finally met in this life, let’s start this infallible adventure into the unknown, of the future.

My soul craves you,

My body aches for you,

My mind thrives with you.

I wanna CREATE, with you.

Creation will be our life.

We will create a high vibrational, forever expanding, life.

Creating more codes for our DNA to remember in the next life.

We’re remembering these codes, from other life times.

Mmm so fun this time is, yeah?

Getting to explore each other once more. AHHH

Let’s turn our love into light together, and get lost in the world we create for ourselves.

I love you,

with every molecule in my body,

With every beam of light in our galaxy.

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Gina Zwenger
Gina Zwenger
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