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A prayer to God to enable me grow

For to grow is in my dream, my hope

By Ekta K. Kalra Published 6 months ago 1 min read

A prayer to God to enable me grow

For to grow is in my dream, my hope

if you are to reach heights

if you aim so

develop ways

to mend ways

as you go

if it hurts within

the outside of world

mend your self

after each wound

you could not control

survive your way

to brotherhood

create peace within

fruits you reap

polite is earth

if it’s heard

in one go

polite is mind

if you shine

as per its need

in one go

don’t make body repeat

for it doesn’t repeat

with same ease

as first it did

go grow

go grow

grow taller than

you appear to be

I know it hurts

you deep within

world makes you


and repeats

but don’t apologise

the shifts

the rifts

that go within you

due to its

its just normal

to scream

with misfit

around You

playing strong

with you

with the world in misfit

no one remains sane

as ever life flows

You grow

You grow

Even if the world bends

To be as bad with you

You grow

Go grow

Your way to absolute

Faith in divinity

Not that he will give you free

“But that he will grow you real”

With this you grow taller

Than any other way you think

Or dream

Go grow by your efforts

And think you will grow to extremes

For divinity is with you

This is the right worship

You dream

You continue to dream

Perfection for within

There be no lesser hope

In your every dream

Go grow

Go grow

Taller as you go

Taller still as you flow

Go grow

Go grow

For this is the only way

For you to pray

Grow taller than you believe

You are not alone within

Divinity rests with your every dream

Every effort

To grow

Go grow

Go grow your way

Even beyond divinity

You take the control

Of you within

Go grow

Go grow

Beyond boundaries

Go grow

Go grow within

Outside will reflect

It as a miracle

Of within

Go grow so tall within

There is no limit

There be no limit

Go grow

Go grow


About the Creator

Ekta K. Kalra

I am in search of something inside of me which I know cannot be found outside of me. Real knowledge!

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