A Poor World We Live In

by Mirian 2 months ago in sad poetry

A Raw Poem

A Poor World We Live In
If only these doors could take you to your destination.

I have become depressed

I can feel others pain

The world is in deep pain

I can feel it like I am absorbing it

People are being skinned alive

Kids are in cages and taken from their blood

There is still monsters who only want to be around their kind

We are human

We are skin

We are blood and veins

We are all the same but in a unique way.

I am sad

I am mad

I am mourning

Red droplets are scattered

A human just like you falls on the ground

More humans rot

Money and resurrect do not correlate

Our lives are being controlled by the media

I don't know what to believe anymore

I am depressed.

sad poetry
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