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A poem about Vocal.Media is my gift to this platform.

I started blogging on this platform today after being a reader for almost 3 months.

By PrazuntPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
A poem about Vocal.Media is my gift to this platform.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Vocal.media echoes from all around,

A storytelling platform of profound

The place to share tales, both wild and bold

From cultures and lands, far young and old

It’s a space to explore, give us a peek

To find new perspectives, stories unique

Vocal.media opens us to the chance

To find new understanding, expand our stance

We hear the stories of our sisters and brothers

Their culture, their stories, their loves, and their mothers

Vocal.media builds bridges across the sea

Connecting the world in harmony

We are all connected, and we can see

Vocal.media allows us to be

Bound together, united and strong

Vocal.media will never go wrong

It gives us a chance to share our dreams

To take on the world, face it as a team

A platform for unity, for empathy too

Vocal.media shines through and through

So when the voices of many roar

It’s Vocal.media that we’re reaching for

To share stories and cultures, we’re set free

As Vocal.media binds us together in harmony.

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