A Poem

4 New Poems I Wrote

A Poem

I have recently picked up pen and paper after quite a few years. This is just a sampling of what has done out of my mind.

Poem # 1

Dancing and swaying.

It speaks for that which can not.

Sturdy it stands strong.

In its base it is strong like a man.

As it grows it develops a woman's delicacy.

Soft whispers reach out.

Tales of old and new come from its depths.

It knows no one color.

It knows many.

Touches of warmth and love.

Time and time again it has been kissed by the sun.

It does not run.

It stands firm.

Only the strongest force can make it scream.

When it cries life around it is changed.

Long after my breath stops it will still stand.

It will accept nourishment from others.

No questions are asked if it.

Perhaps some may be taken early.

Their lives cut down short.

For now it stands dancing and swaying.

Telling secrets we will never know.

Poem # 2

Hot, so hot. Fire in the air melting the water from my body. Waterfalls of bodily exhaust pour from face, body, and other parts not to mention.

The breeze should be nice but it isn't. Trees just swirl around the dry heat. The heat is worse. Can't sit on anything. The sun has cooked every surface it touches, as if it were claiming it. Mine! The sun yells with the bright reach of its power.

How can anyone like this?

How can someone live in an oven of life?

As the sun goes into hiding its effect remains behind.

A slight coolness starts. The breeze picks up a soft chill. Yet the heat reches up from the baked ground. The darkness will save us for a brief time.

After a few hours the moon will show it glorious face. With the moon comes a new power.

It will shift the waters.

It will shift the mind.

It will whisper chilling dreams.

Poem # 3

Sit, wait, listen

Sit, wait, watch

Sit, wait, ponder

How does it all work?

Should I tell my secrets?

What would it hurt?

How will it help?

The mind wanders elsewhere.

So many little flowers.

The flowers are dying and falling.

Breezes brush past and knock them down.

Life keeps going, moving.

I sit, wait, listen

I sit, wait, watch

I sit, wait, ponder

Others go about their lives.

Doing a job, hardly any have a career.

Sounds of life come and go.

Sounds of forever playing through the leaves.


Forever will the wind blow.

Forever there will always be.

And still,

Sit, wait, listen

Sit, wait, watch

Sit, wait, ponder

Poem # 4

Blah, blah, blah

Yabba dabba

Coo coo cachoo

What's the point?

Boogey boogey

Blub blub blub

Waka waka

What does it mean?

Ala kazam

Bipidi bopidi boo

Wah, wah, wah

Does it make sense?

Loop de loo

Chuga chuga

Woo woo

We'll never know.

Thank you for taking the time to read these poems. I used to write a lot when I was younger. Becoming an adult distracted me from my writing. I am trying to get back into it. Hopefully these are a step in the right direction and you enjoyed them. I have not titled them yet. I feel it is the reader's choice to decide what they are truly about and what they mean. Not only what they literally mean but what they figuratively mean. They can also mean nothing or be a piece of inside. Make of them what you will. Thank you again.

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Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson
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