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A phone call will save your life

by Je'Neille Swartz 3 months ago in sad poetry / social commentary / performance poetry
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We pick up the phone, we reach out...

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When you live in your head with pebbles and stones that become the rocks that break your bones with the hurt and pain, frustration and blame…

A phone call will save your life

When loneliness and being indoors can create mental wars with these silos of grain in your head that spill out of bed that drags your feet and struggles to meet the demands of the day and the silence gives way…

A phone call will save your life

As an adult child vulnerability is a 12-step program of penance caused by a disease, step by step, one day at a time, as we wait to breathe and listen for the chime…

A phone call will save your life

So as I sit and wait and watch the days turn into weeks and I’m weaker but still breathing and my soul is slowly bleeding ethereal silver, no not golden, as it dims and goes cold…

A phone call will save your life

And now I sit in wonder and I sit in awe in supreme gratitude as I rise from the floor, as I stretch and I reach and I tap to answer…

A phone call will save your life

A phone call will save their life

A phone call will save your life

sad poetrysocial commentaryperformance poetry

About the author

Je'Neille Swartz

I can't stop thinking about writing. Being a writer is like being an artist, you are either exceptional or inconsequential. Honestly, I've been afraid of both. I promised myself I would DO one small thing that scared me. So, here I am.

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