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A nursing conference virtually

by Mark Graham about a month ago in social commentary

a poem

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Virtual nursing conference:

To Zoom or not to Zoom....

That is the question to ponder,

Murphey's Law will occur?

Who knows.

V is for verification of all included,

I is for internet capabilities,

R is for reasonable doubt in internet use,

T is for technology use,

U is for understanding all facets of learning,

A is for actual use of said computer,

L is for learning online continuing education needed to pursue credit,

N is for nursing at all levels,

U is for understanding one's field of interest to share,

R is for research,

S is for studying said research to share,

E is for emotional needs,

C is for computer needs,

O is for opportunities presented to learn new ideas,

N is for new techniques, maybe,

F is for present and future nurses,

E is for educating/experimenting ideas in an entertaining way,

R is for realization of ideas shared,

E is for the environment that is conducive to,

N is for nursing research and education,

C is for committment of all,

E is for exit the computer,

The conference is over till next year.

social commentary

Mark Graham

I am a person who really likes to read and write and to share what I learned. Also, I'm a person who likes to learn who has gone to college and graduate received my degrees and advanced degrees from education to nursing and other areas.

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Mark Graham
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