A Night With Shiva

A Collection of Soul Poetry

A Night With Shiva

We lay asleep

In an unconsciousness nature

Deep in connection with my savior

Tossing and turning

I envision the burning

Destruction of the art and history

This process of life, a sheer mystery

I know it's what you must do

Afterall, you have a job too

Cosmic transformer

Devourer of good and evil

My Dear Shiva

I find comfort in knowing the end

An alternative way to begin

You speak to me in visions

A deity on a mission

How will I see you again?

The only way to find you is to complete the cycle

To ride the cosmic spiral

And once more when our affairs come to an end

With you I will ascend

To begin, again


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Michelle Stone

I write of love, lust, adventure, sin, and horror; bringing my dreams and nightmares to reality. Creating characters with abilities and worlds unknown. 

This is my human legacy, one story at a time.

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