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A night alone

by Mark Vorobiev 6 months ago in sad poetry
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a poem about suffering

as he lays there in his room

full of misery

and gloom

he envisions all the greatests,

the most clever on the paintings

and believes that he belongs

,truly thinking,

that the songs

that he listents to

and loves

are same as those.

one should love

and one should hurt,

screaming, lacking of a word,

finding peace in all that seems

just a bunch of normal weeds.

losing consciousness all day

drowning in his world of hate

you are dreadfull today

that is all they get to say

waking up and getting ready

the regret is getting steady

will he ever find a lady?

or will again she'll call him shady?

living life

and learning lessons

isnt that his being's essence?

he sits down and he gives up

he realized that it's a trap

The useless story of his presence

the wasteful sheer if his existence

creates no impact on the world

or that's at least what he's been told

the emptiness that he's created

after all those lengthy thoughts

its consuming all his insides

and it made him hate the world

sad poetry

About the author

Mark Vorobiev

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