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A New Location

by Sarah Marchelli 8 months ago in love poems
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Wherever I Am

There is a beautiful place,

I have not yet found.

I search for it,

when I turn around.

A life fulfilled

stress abates,

Every decision I make

wonder awaits.

I have yet to find

such a beautiful place.

My heart contented

in a sacred space.

This place we call home.

Place, time, or view?

Somewhere I have found,

Or a location anew?

Some people believe

it is in your heart.

What if that heart,

has been torn apart?

Sometimes I feel lost.

Sometimes I feel cold.

I feel as if…

My heart is too bold.

I am a restless spirit.

My mind, it wanders.

I cannot be tied

by mothers or fathers.

I lose myself,

in the moment I'm in.

So to find this place,

I must look within!

My home.

The current location.

Is not tied

to one destination.

The blue green eyes

of my daughter.

They flow, ebb, and tide,

like ocean water.

The sunset I see,

after a storm.

The summer sun,

it keeps me warm.

I carry my home

Wherever I go.

It is confusing,

this I know!

But it is my home...

it may not make sense.

But I keep my home,

in the present tense.

love poems

About the author

Sarah Marchelli

I was an amazing writer, and my journalism degree killed all creativity. I am working towards finding my voice again so my personal development book for weirdos will sound like me! I love being able to explore my creativity! Here on vocal+!

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