A Mother’s Angels

by Ecarg Nosive 3 months ago in sad poetry

May the monsters be unable

A Mother’s Angels

He was begging in ways no one could understand or maybe it was just because no one listened

So the voices inside his head started making up a plan as the gun in his hand glistened

Maybe this doesn’t have to be the end

Or maybe it’s good riddance

He’d do anything to avoid the void again

So he aimed at the monsters with persistence

“Go away!” He finally said but the bullet just barely missed them

Oh no now his skull shows the war that’s within it

Everybody will know, he couldn’t even let himself go

Skeleton and bone

The flesh still had a hold of him so he decided it was time to get control of it

He pushed the monsters out of his mind and tried to look past his scars

On his face, they were large but nothing compared to the ones on his heart yet he pushed to be greater than what almost was

He saved himself

Took the help

Behaved himself

Left behind someone else

He felt so free, adrenaline junkie

Motorcycling with his buddies

He finally felt alive

But the world offered him to die as he took his final ride, he was invincible one last time and then he was gone

Physically from the earth

But his memory lived on

As he became her

His sister became his hurt

She was at a loss for words

Her brother was her best friend and the only one who heard him when he begged

Who loved him when no one else did

Who was blood, not a drop thin

His baggage weighed a ton on her broken heart so she did what she could to handle his ghost

He haunted her before he was even gone that first attempt left her overwhelmed and then it happened when he was happy and she couldn’t fathom all the bad things

His monsters caught her in a bad dream so she needed to put them to sleep

She was lost without him as his monsters crept in they started to begin terrorizing her just the same

She became insane because he was her everything

She must have took the blame because it was so devastating

She wish she could have saved him but in the process forgot to wish to save herself

So she laid in bed one night after another day of screaming for help online

She wasn’t fine

Memories rewind

She replayed them in her mind and the monsters danced to her pain

The teardrops started to rain

She never wanted to feel this feeling again

So she did what she had to do to silence her own screaming

She didn’t have anything to loose, she already lost all her meaning

So she passed it all on to the one who gave them life in the beginning

Now their mother has to do all the grieving

Lost both her children, this world is deceiving

What did she do in order to end up bleeding?

Her heart is leaking

But she’s at peace because her children loved each other and are now together

One day she will join them

I just pray those same monsters don’t get her

I pray her new found angels protect her

I pray they do not neglect her more than they already have

She belongs on earth to remember them

sad poetry
Ecarg Nosive
Ecarg Nosive
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