A Modern Day Fairytale

A Poem

Performing the poem at Sheffield Monologue Showcase

Once upon a time….

There lived a Princess

Locked within a tower of bricks

By a wicked, wicked witch.

The wicked witch was named,


And she was a real bitch!

The Princess was glum,

Too much work to be done

And she worked herself blue

As Mortgage cackled, “I own You.”

The Princess was only fed scraps;

no food for the soul,

But Mortgage gobbled

Pay packets whole,

Drool rolling down her greedy chin

Grinning a deadly grin

And sucking on the bones.

One day, Temptation called to the tower

To say,

“Princess, let down your hair!”

But Mortgage was there

To say,


The Princess was sad,

Mortgage was really bad

And as if that wasn’t enough,

I’ll tell you some really Grimm stuff…

Mortgage had wicked Sons:

We’ll call them ‘The Bill’s’

And they could drive you to pills!

They multiplied at an alarming rate,

Leaving the Princess in a real state.

And so all the Princess could do

Was await….

A knight in shiny armour

To unlock the gate,

And climb up the tower

To bear some of the weight.

And one day,

A Knight did finally arrive

In a clapped out Chevrolet.

The Knight’s name was

‘Best Friend’

And she’d come to lend

A helping hand.

The Knight took out her sword,

And held back the hoarde

Of wicked things for a while.

And with them backed against the wall,

The Knight cried,

“Princess, I heard your call!

You can always rely upon me,

Just utter the magic plea:

For, every time you cry, ‘Rescue me!’

I’ll be here With bread and tea.”

performance poetry
Rachel Lightfoot
Rachel Lightfoot
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