A Meditation on Franco Castelluccio's "Feelin' Good"

by SKYLERIZED 5 months ago in art

A statuette comes to life.

A Meditation on Franco Castelluccio's "Feelin' Good"

In space, the arms outstretch and just display

Unmitigated joy and like a spark,

Illustrate the boundless and the real way.

Her dress turns up to show the light and dark.

There’s no limit to the happiness shown.

As the back arches right into the truth.

The hair trails even more than what is known.

The woman’s body is wrapped in the sooth.

By standing on one foot, she just leans back.

She moves while standing in only one place.

That allows the mind to see no real lack

Of how something can express glee’s own face.

The woman is experiencing bliss

That should be proved every day without miss.

How does it work?
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