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A Masterpiece of Love

My Love

By MecePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
A Masterpiece of Love
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

A canvas of white, pure and blank,

A world of possibilities, no limits to rank.

On this canvas, I can create,

A masterpiece of love, with no debate.

But how can I capture your beauty and grace,

In mere words, it's a daunting chase.

Your smile, your eyes, your gentle sway,

A mesmerizing melody, my heart cannot sway.

In nature, I search for a comparison to thee,

But alas, no flower, no tree.

Can come close to your exquisite charm,

My heart skips a beat, at your slightest arm.

As I journey through life, seeking love and light,

Your image remains etched, pure and bright.

In your eyes, I see the world anew,

A miracle of life, a dream come true.

No matter what I write, it pales in comparison,

To the beauty of your soul, a true admission.

I am humbled by your radiance and grace,

A gift from the heavens, I cannot replace.

So on this canvas of white, I'll write your name,

A love letter, with no shame.

For looking at you, is like gazing at a star,

A miracle of life, no matter where you are.

In your smile, I see the warmth of the sun,

A new day, a new love, just begun.

In your eyes, I see the reflection of the sea,

A vast ocean of love, a journey for you and me.

So let this poem be a tribute to you,

A testament to love, pure and true.

For looking at you, is like looking at the sky,

A miracle of life, that makes my heart fly.

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