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A Mantra

by Katie 3 months ago in inspirational · updated 3 months ago
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For daily courage

A Mantra
Photo by Andisheh A on Unsplash

Perhaps I’m coming to terms

with who I am.


Having never dared to dream that someday,

I could. That someday I would.

Learn to love who I am. That despite myself, I could say, that yes I do love who I am.

That somehow I would actually prefer to be, the way I am.

Some days I could cry, from the power of how it makes me feel.

To finally believe myself when I say these things, about myself.

I am transgender, and I love it. What I feel is me, has finally broken through. No longer will I play your fucking reindeer games. I will walk where I want, without your condemnation.

Your judgment.

The shame is yours if you are unable to adjust.


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Really just an amateur trying my hand at this.

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