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A man like that

The type of man that can sweep me off my feet

By Alice SchellingerPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Still from Moulin Rouge!

I don’t want a man that simply provides the bare minimum for me

Not just someone I can expect "Good morning" and "Goodnight" texts from, with occasional nights together

I don't want a man who mentions often that "The last one was crazy," or one who over-inflates himself and peacocks to impress me.

Honestly, that song and dance is tired out,

something I've seen and heard so many times

I don't want a man who simply "knows how to treat a woman"

I crave a man who loves with his whole being,

from his heart to his soul,

with a tender and gentle kindness that never leaves even in the face of adversity

I want a man whose hands will never strike me in violence, but whose touches still linger on my skin

A man who can render me weak and gasping for air in the middle of the night as he claims me, body and soul,

my nails marring his supple back as I howl his name into the darkness

I desire a man who will wake me sweetly with feathery kisses against my cheeks,




One who will envelop me in warmth when I'm shivering from cold or sadness,

and pull me close when he turns in his sleep

I desire a man whose love is equal parts soft and rough,

who will learn my love languages and teach me his,

who will communicate playful words with me in secret

I desire a man who will show me that a Queen doesn't have to lead on her own

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About the Creator

Alice Schellinger

Poet and classical literature aficionado. Lover of the arts. Creator of short stories, poems, and articles. Hostess of The SchellingtonGrin Podcast.

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