A Love True Story: A Painful Reminder of That We Lost

by Jason Giecek 6 months ago in love poems

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A Love True Story: A Painful Reminder of That We Lost

We danced into the flames of the burning fire,

Our eyes held tightly shut,

The howling wind did blow,

Through us all,

Those harsh memories,

Did dance around us,

Surround us,

Make us want to go to our knees,

To die,


In that place,

In those memories,

To see that beautiful sky,

Open up,

After the raging storm,

We made love,


So close,

We felt the Earth,


Into God’s grace,

We threw ourselves.

Our loves,

Our kisses,

Those memory makers,

We did put away into our memory chest.

We could not break away,

From that kiss,

From that embrace,

We did not flip.

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Jason Giecek
Jason Giecek
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