A Love Story

by Jason Giecek 5 months ago in love poems

A poem

As I tried to fight myself,

In that which matters,


My special love,

Tried to stop the fight,

That inside,

To see the turning storm.

Love me,

My dear sweet,

I love you till tomorrow,

Love you,

My dear sweet,

Till it kills that rage,

Deep inside,

My memories,

You are my life,

You are my soul,

Even with a sad heart,

And a soul gone black,

A memory of itself,

A whole new love,

I say to thee,

I love you,

More than the moon,

More than the stars,

You are my life,

You are that story,

I tell everyone,,

I tell the night!

love poems
Jason Giecek
Jason Giecek
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