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A Letter to You

by K.C. KENNINGS 3 months ago in inspirational

a poem for everyone who finds it

Hi you,

This one really stuck with me, so I want to take an extra second here to talk to the younger ones. And honestly, the grown-ups too, huddle in here.

I know I am no one influential or important

I am just a poet

And when I'm not a poet, I'm just an ordinary person

But here's the thing about ordinary poet people...

To us, words are a sacred kind of magic and we take extra care when we write to say exactly what we mean.

And when we say exactly what we mean, we take extra care to make sure what we are saying is honest.

So, honestly,

Exactly what I am trying to say here is:

To be wholly worthy and deserving of love and attention,

You do not have to DO anything special,

or BE anything other than

exactly who you are.

You ARE wholly worthy and deserving of love and attention even with all of your flaws

With all of your mistakes

With all of your "too-much-ness"

And especially your "not-enough-ness"

With all of your downfalls

Even when you fail or mess up

Even when you enforce your boundaries

Even when others are mad at you

Even when you're mad at yourself


to be wholly worthy and deserving of love and attention

I love you all

As you are

As you have been

As you could be

And as everything you will become

Have a wonderful day



Write from the light

Your Life Matters



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