A Last Time for Everything

by A.R. Marquez 12 months ago in surreal poetry

It's after midnight.

A Last Time for Everything

It's after midnight

The cadence of your breathing is inebriating

A chill cascades across the room

I pull you closer

The warmth emanating from our bodies marries underneath the covers

The atmosphere of this room is heavy with your presence

The vastness of space made absolute with the closeness of our beating hearts

You sleep

Every waking moment for me here now is critical

I try and pull you closer

To consume your aura in a cannibalistic ritual

Your hair tickles my nose so I bury my face deeper in it

Breathing in to suckle the memory into my hippocampus

While actively assaulting my limbic cortex

I've said before that it'd be much easier being this close to you

That lie has swallowed me whole

A leviathan digesting my weak understanding of this moment with you

You sleepily place your hand over mine and interlock our fingers

Death could arrive for me right now

And I'd turn the sickle on it

Plunging my hands into its shadow to dispel the undertaking

The heat rises around us as I run my hand across your sleeping body, an out of character endeavor

To feel you is a sinful decree

A fable once dreamed about many years ago throughout adolescence

Here and now could be a forever thing

A nightly ritual

But the night, this night, shall only become a solitary epilogue on a marquee of an abandoned theater

Because as soon as you're here...you're gone

And I can't help but believe that this is the last time

I close my eyes and let the darkness sweep over me

I lay down my armaments and beckon Death back

So that this moment can become imprinted into my last breath

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A.R. Marquez

Adam Ray Marquez was born and raised in Northern California. 

He writes and publishes Surreal Free Verse poetry, fiction, horror-fiction, and is the Editor-In-Chief at The Dead Walk.

He plays guitar for Held In Scorn.

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