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A House That Leans/ Bar Haiku/ Magic Lost

Poetry and a Haiku

By H. M. RavenPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read

In a house that leans

I find sanctuary

The peace I've sought for so long

Though new life has sprung

I grow wary

The scales have been tipped

for too long

Although this place

feels sometimes heavy

this is what I wanted

It's true

And my foundation, you see,

isn't steady

But I'd rather be here

with you


That look she gives you

Nothin between you both now

But smoke....and mirrors


Ive lost a special part of me

Perhaps you know it now

A color which youve never seen

Something I never show

Found in spaces between the stars

Its always been a part of me

An extra emotion I cant describe

Ive searched under the trees of owls

In forgotten lakes an streams

Its a thing which nymphs will forfeit

When they fall in love with human beings


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About the Creator

H. M. Raven

Freelance artist and lover of writing. Its my goal to write several short stories along with my own illustrations....maybe an art and poetry book! Im still exploring my writer-voice and seeing where it takes me.

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