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A Fools Death. . .

by TGSOT about a year ago in social commentary
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There is no sympathy or pity for the death of an arrogant fool.

A Fools Death. . .
Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

How arrogant they are . . .

How prideful they are in their limited ways of thinking

How shameful is it to mask your shame by oppressing and forcing your ways on others to feel some sense of security and acceptance within yourself

Those that question wisdom have none to present in their own argument

How sad and foolish they are

To pity them I cannot

To feel some sense of sympathy I cannot

To pray for them I cannot

To state their case I cannot and will not

To protect them and their offspring I will not

To lend thy hand so they may escape their judgment I will not

You have brought this upon yourselves

The traumatization of children and the manipulation of their consciousness brought this upon you

Your greed and selfishness in not being willing to understand the trials and tribulations of others brought this upon you

Your love for murderers, rapists, molesters, scoffers, liars, oppressors, and the slavers is what brought this wrath upon you

There will be no mercy

There will be no forgiveness

There will be no stating your case

You will be repaid for all that you've done

You will be repaid for all that you have taken part in

You must pay in full for what you've done to the people of this earth

There will be no escape for you

At every corner and every turn will be another form of punishment that is your judgment

It must take place and it will take place for you have mocked and scoffed for too long

The people that have suffered in order for you to take advantage of the land will rise up before you and they will rule over you

The people that have been oppressed by your forefathers shall rise up and tear down your chambers

Your crops shall burn

Your vegetation will be diseased

Your flocks shall die

Your children shall pay the price of your actions against those that dwell in the land and your vast lands shall burn

There will be no mercy for there was no mercy for those that you have slaughtered

There will be no forgiveness for there was no forgiveness for those that you have oppressed without reason

Your time is almost up and you will be wiped from the land

You will be forgotten and your name will never be uttered

This is a just and rightful punishment

You people have no remorse for your pride and arrogance even if that means others will suffer at the expense of your false sense of happiness

There will be no escape for you for your time is coming up shorty

The blood embedded in the soil that belongs to the oppressed must be repaid and will be repaid with your blood

The people of this land have ignored the cries of others

The people of this land have turned their heads away from the horrifying actions acted out against thy youth by their leaders

There should not and will not be any mercy for allowing your children to be offerings to vile men and women

Your suffering is the joy of the oppressed

Your cries for help are sweet tunes to the descendants you have mistreated

You have claimed captives as your own for the completion of thy labor and yet still you have underpaid and oppressed them

You will get what you deserve

Every day that I wake I look forward to being granted the opportunity to witness it with my own eyes in enjoyment

It is quite satisfactory to watch your destruction

It brings me happiness to watch you be destroyed

I feel nothing for what you have done and for what you have allowed to take place against others

The cries of innocent children will be remembered upon your death

You will wage war in the streets and those that have been oppressed will not save you

The oppressed shall look upon your death and feel nothing

You will die a fools death

You will be wiped from the land and there will be no mourning only rejoicing

You have fully reaped the seeds you have sown

It cannot be reversed and it cannot be undone

I hope you still have a proud look on your face when your eyes cry out for help and there is no one in sight to extend a helping hand

social commentary

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