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Leon: We are still a child my God

DJ Nino: “people” think 80 is old when lived for 100s of years before

ACE: Cause “people” only remember the history that benefits they cause not Further evolution


GOD gave his only son

A Young God gave up two of them

Left a Young God to sink or swim

Look up to the Lord down came some hymms

He said sing them as loud as you can to them

Help them have thing that will keep them above the rim

Not matter how grim life gets your son will sing


Let us bow our heads /

In prayer /

Take a few puffs /

For my littte men /

That ain’t here /

Shout the out doubt /

Kill y’all clout /

That we can’t live a better life /

Be a serial killer without a knife /

It’s my feelings /

I pray need killing /

Every night /

Just prayin that one day /

My life takes flight /

Even without a pilots license /

I fly quite high /

Every day I’m up /

Looking for a new fight /

I ain’t no boxer /

I wish I could box /

These feelings up /

Ship them out via UPS tonight /

Next air to someone /

That actually would care /

Put them under repair /

So I don’t have to sit here in fear /

No one in my life /

Shed a tear /

If from this world I disappear /

I recognize I just don’t belong here /

I sit here every night /

Writing just to ensure /

My thoughts are clear /

My phone on /

No one to call on /

When I need help /

It’s up in the air /

I stay here more grounded /

It’s my seeds that needs to be near /

Even if the distance ain’t really fair /

To fight with someone with no brain /

Ain’t gonna get you any where /

So you just let those people sit back /

Drink on their on thoughts /

Until karma help shows them /

Who fault it truly is /

Until then I say a prayer for my kids /

Sit back and let them live the life /

That they feel like they need to live /

One day I will be back in the life of my kids /

They’ll understand why dad /

Did the things he did /

If not I’ll say a prayer /

Faith they live the best life /

They could ever live no strife /

From me will appear /

performance poetry
DJ Nino XX
DJ Nino XX
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DJ Nino XX

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