A Dream to Call Mine

by Zane Austin 4 months ago in love poems

A Love Poem

A Dream to Call Mine

That plain that I see when I close my eyes

The thrill in my heart when she is near

The raining fire in my faculties when she speaks

The tender tear shed at her beauty

A harbor of warmth in her embrace

A sweetness in her kiss

Stunning dimensions of affection

Exquisite liberation from care or reason

A realm where not but you and I exist,

A step up face to face with someone who completes me

In all my odd angles I am accounted

In all my passions I am rectified,

Breath has grace and thought has meaning

Love wears a crown of divine design

Eternal loyalty instilled in my bones

A hand forever mine to hold

A story that will be mine to tell

My paradise resting in the spirit of another,

A dream in the dark, but a reality in the light

Not an illusion but a dream to call mine.

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