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A dream come true

The American Dream remains alive

By G. A. BoteroPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
A dream come true
Photo by lasse bergqvist on Unsplash

With apron tied and heartbeat racing

I pass the heat lamps and smell of bacon

I can't believe this dream came true

In a land so far, so different, so new

My new kitchen in my new place

The hustle and bustle, a fragrant maze

These new spices, tools, and cuts

Bring my home dishes to a new light

I work with passion

my dishes take flight

to shock and awe

the palettes that sit here tonight

We work hard, the team and I

the knifes are sharp and heat is high

but I pinch myself at every chance

cause I'm a chef in this dream land

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About the Creator

G. A. Botero

I have a million bad ideas, until a good one surfaces. Poetry, short stories, essays.

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  • Jazzy 11 months ago

    I want to come to your new kitchen and try your food. I loved this poem!

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