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A Different Tale

by Andrew Dominguez 2 years ago in sad poetry
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The Tale of You and Me

You said hello once; I said hello too many times.

You’d look my way; I’d look yours and you’d turn way.

You said we could hang out in threes; I wanted just you and me.

You said it could be you and me; I asked myself, “Could it Be?’”

You voicelessly said I could hug you; I leaned in for the cheek.You said we could hangout aain; I said to myself "Yippee!"

You said hello every morning after; I asked myself "Could it be?"

You asked my favorite song; I gave you an honest answer.

You shared your favorite song; I gave you a dishonest opinion.

You changed your mind, your “Maybe” turned into “Soon” sooner than expected.

You invited more; I hopefully accepted less.

You said you couldn’t stop encouraging me; I never wanted you to stop.

You gave me what you said I wanted; I wanted more than you could give.

You changed your mind; I never did.

You told me we couldn’t be friends after; I only remembered you saying "Friends is all we can be.”

You told me to not worry; I wasn't worried: I was dying.

You stopped; I continued.

You restarted; I kept rewinding.

You paused; I ejected.

You went back into your vault; I'd rewind for eternity.

Rewinding every scene; every climax; every resolution; every impeding sequel: every possibility at a different tale.

A different tale for you and me.

sad poetry

About the author

Andrew Dominguez

Greetings! My name is Andrew Judeus. I am an LA-based writer with a passion for creating romantic narratives. Hopefully my daily wanderings into the land of happily ever after will shed some light into your life. Enjoy!

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