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A Death

by Katie 2 months ago in sad poetry
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Of a friend

Someone has died,

a friend,

more of an acquaintance really.

I hadn’t seen him in years, and now he is dead.

Too soon he has passed,

his body, a catastrophic malfunction.

Not one day of retirement did he enjoy.

What roads had he traveled, since last I saw him?

What mistakes did he make that may have saved him today, had he not made them?

What may I gain from his death? Will I try harder to change my path? Or will the fresh wound from his passing fade? My life returning to it’s former progression. With it’s own end date.

I am changed, my days forward from here will be altered. How could I not be from hearing this news? Decisions I make may now be different because of the realization of my own mortality.

I think I shall go for a walk.

sad poetry

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Really just an amateur trying my hand at this.

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