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A contradictory heart

by Jessie Waddell 9 months ago in heartbreak

A poem about love & loss

A heart that’s full,

But also heavy.

A hand that shakes,

But somehow steady.

Falling apart,

Then coming together,

A push and pull,

An unbreakable tether.

A love unrelenting,

A sorrow so great.

A question of why,

An answer of fate.

Remembered forever,

Forgotten you’re not,

An eternal mark,

In life’s great plot.

Just as one’s given,

Another is took.

A tale so common,

It belongs in a book.

I wish she had met you,

She’d giggle and cheer,

But I feel you around,

So I’ve nothing to fear.

Your door has closed,

So hers could be open.

I’ll love you forever,

And more words unspoken....


Jessie Waddell

I have too many thoughts. I write to clear some headspace.

Instagram: @thelittlepoet_jw

"To die, would be an awfully big adventure"—Peter Pan

Vale Tom Brad

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Jessie Waddell
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