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A collection of prose poetry and poetry

by Amir Dababneh 2 months ago in sad poetry

A collection of prose poetry and poetry
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The tyranny of man is exceeded only by his greed. The past has made him cynical and the future insecure. Fear has poisoned his mind and corrupted his heart. Society has taught him to think not feel; that knowledge is something learned not gained. It is inherited through blood, sweat and tears.

Man is driven by power. Power that will overcome the fear that he fails to acknowledge. He thirsts for physical riches. Physical riches that will quench his sorrows and drown his fears. He knows that this fear plummets those around him into bloodshed and misery and barricades this world with hate.

And so he trudges forward numb and infected by the absence of love, and the hole that greed fills. He comes to a cliff overlooking the ocean and he finally feels something he has not felt in a long time. Peace.

But suddenly without warning, he is struck from behind. A dagger pierces his heart. His brother has betrayed him. As he falls to his knees, he comes to the daunting realization that his demise is inevitable. And as everything fades to black, he begs for forgiveness.

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s Dictator Speech


At our most basic level We are all mad creatures. Forged by darkness And molded by disparity. We are shadows of the night Always in search of that which Provides us with comfort and familiarity, For we are creatures of habit, Defined by what we love and what we fear. And what we fear the most is the unknown; Thus we cast judgment unto the unfamiliar, In the process denying ourselves what we hunger for most, The ability to connect with others, To laugh and love amongst our neighbors. We have been led astray Blinded by our expectations, Thinking it should be one way When at times it is the exact opposite. The only absolute truth is That we are all mad creatures, Some of whom have adapted to the darkness By finding new ways to see.

Acceptance and Animosity

The only way to overcome the animosity that I feel is to accept it. To embrace the multitude of emotions that tear me apart day after day. The hatred. The confusion. The hurt and the sorrow. But how can I accept something I do not understand? Why can’t I fix it? I have tried and tried to wrap my head around it, as if understanding it will somehow change the outcome. But I realize now the only outcome is to give in. To let go. To recognize that this is something I have no control over. And in this way I finally understand. Acceptance and animosity oftentimes go hand in hand.


On the darkest night, in the darkest crevice, I hide, patiently waiting. Born by a lie and nurtured by repression, I am a monster, unrecognizable even to myself. Darkness is my ally and light the enemy I fear most. For without light, the destruction created by these hands remains hidden and unseen. Alas, darkness is but temporary and when I finally see the light, the transformation is complete. I have finally become the monster that bore me.

The Wolf

The wolf cries out in the darkness of my soul and my entire world begins to stir. Such pain and agony I have felt for so long. He is yearning to find the light at the end of the dark forest but is pushed deeper into the thickening trees by the hunters who fear him most.

Soon the moon disappears and with it the hunters take their leave. They are under the impression that the darkened abyss in which they left me will be enough to destroy me. On the contrary, I thrive on the darkness. For it is my greatest ally. And so I quickly make my move. I make it to the edge of the forest and beyond, just as the hunters return to find me gone.

sad poetry

Amir Dababneh

I write everything from fiction and poetry to nonfiction and academic papers. I also write lyrics, but I don’t play any instruments or sing. Currently I’m working on a book about mental health

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