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A cold dark life

The girl once lived

By Dnp_happyPublished about a year ago 2 min read
A cold dark life
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It can kill, it can overcome you. Like an alligator biting onto fresh flesh. It’s like fire and someone just keeps on adding charcoal lighter to ignite the flames…..


It can drive over you like an atv leaving you in pure shreds of dirty dust….

When You feel like yesterdays problem would go away and you would enjoy your day does it only come back to bite you hard…. Now a peice of flesh is missing from my body,I want to cry I want a hug but do I? Do I really?

Only when I’m in bed at night do I feel numb where I enjoy it. I find myself staring at the ceiling, and just zoning out.

I don’t feel like a broken girl. I feel like a bunch of different puzzle pieces on the floor….

It’s only when I workout and feel the burn throughout my body do I feel like a bad bitch. It’s only in those rare moments when I have a rage of anger and run all my energy out on the treadmill…

Don’t you get it? I’m just a sad girl,broken into little glass shards so tiny that it would be hard to put back together? Does anyone get it? No I don’t think you do. I’m in little glass shards and I think that everyday will get better but it just turns back to bite me and it feels like Someone is stomping on me to crush me more. Like I said


Can kill. It’s memories that I had that I wish would just wash away. It’s what the future holds for me that I wish would just eat me up alive. Why can’t I stay happy for more than 5 hours? Why can’t I be that girl that he brought flowers to?

Why must I sit here in a dark cold room duct taped and ropes around my hands? It’s not like that they say. Oh but it is. Do you feel like you can deal with people saying get over it things will get better? No! no one can that’s exactly why I have duct tape on my mouth and sitting in a dark room with an open window and some cold breezes that leaves me with goosebumps and cold shivers….. how can no one seem to be able to turn on the light and cut me out of this rope? And pull the tape off my mouth? No but I guess it’s up to me to climb out of here…..

And with that the girl sat and shivered….

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About the Creator


Love to write wrote poetry when I’m in my deepest darkest moments…. ✍️

I want to help the world feel like they’re not alone ❤️

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    Dnp_happyWritten by Dnp_happy

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