A Child Cries

There is no script or storyline.

A Child Cries

A child cries as it enters the world,

and so begins a tail.

It speaks of love, fun and war,

a mystery to us all.

It's the stuff of life you're looking at,

the reason why we're here.

To love to hate to laugh at fate,

most of it's done by ear.

There is no script or storyline,

make it if you can.

You have to try and work it out,

we'll help you if we can.

In the end you will learn,

one lesson and that's all.

I don't know what that's not my lot,

it may be something small.

But as you grow you will know,

the one thing you can't see.

If your own life in all its strife,

and how it looks to me.

social commentary
Leon Gower
Leon Gower
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Leon Gower

Born, February 1972 in Whyalla, Australia

His writing incorporates a life time of personal experience in dealing with a world of poorly explained phenomenon. Short artistic work or full length novels, Leon's well weaved stories are engaging.

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