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A broken Home

by Cheyenne Hyler 2 months ago in sad poetry
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A poem

A broken Home
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Disadvantages of growing up in a broken home..

Love doesn't exist there.

Instead heart break and pain seep through the walls like mold.

You become leverage for your mother when she wants to go against your father

Hung at your feet like fish bait and nobody notices how this damages you until its too late.

Grew to appreciate my father's absence because it gave me a quite nights sleep.

Majority of the nights parents engaged in arguements, don't think they ever really heard eachother just tried to be louder than one another.

Walls often rumbled, holes in every wall covered by picture frames.

My mom tried to shield me but I knew the foundation of love my home was built on had crumbled.

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sad poetry

About the author

Cheyenne Hyler

Growing up vocally expressing my emotions was a struggle… it always felt better to put them on paper in the form of poems. Poetry allowed me to create words for the feelings I can’t explain. Hope the words I find are the words others need.

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