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By SANJAI Published 3 months ago 1 min read

Positivity is a gift we can give ourselves

A way of seeing the world that brings us wealth

It lifts us up when we feel low

And helps us see the good in every blow

When life seems hard and full of strife

Positivity can be our guide through the night

It helps us find the silver lining

And turns our troubles into something shining

With positivity, we can choose to see

The beauty in every moment, every memory

We can find joy in the simple things

And let our hearts take flight on joyful wings

Positivity is a beacon of light

That shines through the darkness, so bright

It fills our hearts with hope and grace

And helps us find our happy place

So let us choose positivity each day

And let its light guide us on our way

For with it, we can conquer all

And rise above life's every fall.


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