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7 aspects to create the best first impression

7 Aspects to create the best first impression

By Riches AvenuePublished 5 months ago 1 min read

First impressions are what we all wish,

To create a bond that we can cherish.

So let’s delve deep into the seven keys,

To impress and win hearts with ease.

The first aspect to grasp is a genuine smile,

That can light up the world for miles and miles.

The second aspect would be a confident stance,

One that shows you’re ready to take a chance.

Third on the list is impeccable attire,

That sets you apart from others and takes you higher.

Fourth one speaks of making eye contact,

A gesture which can build trust and impact.

Fifth is your speech, which should be clear and concise,

As it leaves a mark that is bright and wise.

Sixth is punctuality, a virtue that is great,

As it shows how much you value and appreciate.

Seventh and final is a kind demeanor,

That wins hearts and endears people forever.

So let’s imbibe these aspects, and create an impression,

That remains in hearts as a cherished possession.

In conclusion, creating a first impression is an art,

One that requires a blend of mind, body, and heart.

So let’s practice these aspects every single day,

And watch how life transforms in a magical way.


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Riches Avenue

I'm a Professional Freelance Writer, a Proofreader, a Poet, a Song Writer, a Translator, and a Math Solving Expert. Am Open to Writing gigs and Math Solving Homeworks.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran5 months ago

    This was very informative and wonderful! Loved your poem!

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