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6 Ways I Overcome Writers Block When it Comes to Poetry.

by Sierra Lynn 9 months ago in how to

How I maintain inspiration for my books, live performances, and more.

6 Ways I Overcome Writers Block When it Comes to Poetry.

When it comes to writing, words usually come pretty easy. As true as this statement may be everyone gets hit with cinder blocks that may prevent them from creating a masterpiece.

Known by most, is the fact that inspiration can be found anywhere or in anything. An artist could find their next painting by looking at nothing but a cup of tea. A novelist could find their next great book from the river behind their home. Simply put, the inspiration to create can be drawn from thin air.

I tend to call myself a pretty creative person most days. Diving into multiple different mediums such as colored pencils, or acrylic paints. I may use several forms of art to express myself, but poetry has always been my go too.

In fact, I am a published author of two poetry books. Not only this I also have two more in the works as I am writing this.

With so many books, so many poems, and so many words. I have to be able to keep my writing flow going so how.

Here's six ways I stay inspired to write as much as I possibly can.

1. Meditation with a Pen

Meditation is a good thing in general. For more than just writing. I meditate quite often to be honest. Working on breathing techniques is incredibly important for any situation.

Personally I am quite fond of using mediation as a writing tool. When it comes to my writing style, it's pretty free form. So letting my mind focus on nothing but words helps me write as much as I so please.

When it comes to my mediation I typically sit in a quite spot. Which is the normal I guess. Although, I usually bring a notebook and pen to keep at my side.

Being able to let my brain be quite is always a nice thing. Being able to give it the only purpose of writing what comes to mind, is even better.

2. Movies. Old Ones, New Ones, and Everything In between.

Drawing poems from personal places is one of the best things a poet can do. It makes the work strong, it gives the words reason. You may be curious how movies equal up to personal affects, it makes sense, trust me.

I grew up watching many movies with my parents. From Marvel to Star Wars, Casablanca to Indiana Jones, musicals, Disney, and anything else you could think of. There's quite a few movies that I reside with personally. When I watch, or re-watch a lot of these movies, I get immersed into the story. Creating work from a whole new mindset.

Being able to immerse yourself into some of your favorite story lines is one of life's greatest pleasures. Personally digging into whatever story you chose, then using it to your advantage. Is truthfully creativity at it's finest.

3. Just Start Scribbling

If a block starts going on way too long, it might be time to just pick up a pen and go for it.

Write nonsense words, draw something, move the pen on the paper with almost no intent what so ever. Sometimes just dragging a pen across a piece of paper can bring out new types of ideas. Ones you may not have even thought of before.

Doing something as simple as this may also jog the memory of ideas that may have been forgotten.

4. Write Down Every Thought, Every Single Time.

I have several notes open on my phone filled with random thoughts that hit me through out the day and night. Most of the time I will get a random stroke of genius at three am just to forget it the next day. Since I started writing down almost every poetic thought I come up with, I usually tend to have a good amount of material to work with.

Even if sometimes my thoughts are garbage. At least I know I wrote it down in case I do come up with something to incorporate the thought into.

5. Find a New Background.

It makes sense to have a comfortable writing spot. A safe space to put all your thoughts out there in the world.

This makes as much sense as rain on a cloudy day. Sometimes though, looking at the same walls, or art on the wall is not helpful. Even switching to a different room may be helpful.

Go outside, find a comfy tree to sit by, listen to the wind. It may provide some incredible new found ideas.

6. "You wanna be an archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library" - Indiana Jones

This may be a quote from Indiana Jones, but I mean it.

If you want real inspiration, sometimes you have to go out and find it. Jumping out of your comfort zone, seeing new things. It's amazing what it can do.

The most amazing thing you could possibly do for your writing is write it from experience. An incredible amount of my poetry comes from real life experiences. Ones that happened outside of the library.

There you have it! Six ways to break that writers block. These things have helped me write two books, and work on two more. Feel free to use these tips as you wish! Also let me know how they work for you!

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Sierra Lynn
Sierra Lynn
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