To Be

by Logan J. Eccles 2 years ago in art

A Poem

To Be

To Love is to Feel.

To Feel is to Believe.

To Believe is to Dream.

To Dream is to Live.

To Live is to Breathe.

To Breathe is to Speak.

To Speack is to Listen.

To Listen is to Hear.

To Hear is to See.

To See is to Look.

To Look is to Find.

To Find is to Lose.

To Lose is to Win.

To Win is to Succeed.

To Succeed is to Fail.

To Fail is To Be.

To Be is To Be whatever you want To Be.

Whatever you want To Be is up to all of these.

All of these are up to YOU.

Logan J. Eccles
Logan J. Eccles
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