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by Krissa Rinaldi 2 months ago in love poems
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short acrostic poetry

** I hope you like this short acrostic poetry that I wrote back in 2017. This poetry is about dreaming of meeting someone in the future who could make me feel love like this every single day.**

I can only imagine how our

Love will turn out to be because when I see

Our hands, clasped together, I only hope for the

Very best for you and me

Every time, I turn to look at you

You are a dream come true

Our love is like a fairy tale and I hope you

Understand how much you mean to me

love poems

About the author

Krissa Rinaldi

Hello: If you're finding my page, you either like to read books or write. I do both + photography :)

Follow my socials here:

Main Insta: @kr1110

Book/Write Insta: @krissa1110

Photography Insta: @krissa_kreative_photos

TikTok: @lifeofkri_ssa

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