3 am.

by J.X. Leiva 10 days ago in heartbreak

Baby, it's 3 am.

3 am.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash


How have you been?

I hope you are happy with your girl,

Obviously, she still wins.


How have you been?

Do you even remember how you felt,

Especially, when I touched your skin?


Do you feel better now?

Especially since you didn't know how to love,

Until I showed you how.

Now that you are with her,

Use those three words well.

Even though I've told you those words many times,

I keep on wishing you all well.

It is all hard to deny,

All those feelings are true.

And every day that I see you with her,

My whole day now turns all blue.

Even though you love her,

I'll still be your friend.

Because I still care about you,

I don't want us to end.

When you're with her in bed,

Fasl sleep, listening to your tunes and jams.

I am here wide awake,

Here crying at 3 am.

J.X. Leiva
J.X. Leiva
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J.X. Leiva

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